Anthony Semann

Director Semann & Slattery, Australia

Our need to act with courage is closely tied to our need to live a full life. In failing to be courageous, we fail to live a life which embraces the potentiality, creativity and hopefulness which sits in each and every cell in our bodies

Anthony Semann

Anthony Semann

Director Semann & Slattery, Australia

Anthony Semann is primarily a presenter and researcher. His ability to deliver inspirational conference keynotes and facilitate innovative and transformative professional development programmes is renowned. His background is in education, research and management – in government, corporate and community based organisations.

Anthony’s expertise as a researcher and his specialist knowledge of early education has seen him work across Australia, Asia, Europe, America , and New Zealand. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes and papers at conferences and over 15,000 professional development programmes over the last 20 years.

Anthony challenges organisations and people. He asks them to reflect. To ask how their communication, their leadership, their values, their relationships and their workplace culture and diversity affect what they do. He asks them to reflect because it is these things that affect their services, businesses and ultimately the community.


Sessions By Anthony Semann

Saturday 4 April 2020

12.00 pm – 13.00

Saturday 4 April 2020

14.15 pm – 15.15

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